• Jillian


Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Domain...check! Website...check! Pictures...check! It's FINALLY nice to meet you!

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Have you felt like you have a lot to say about basically nothing? Do you enjoy talking to other people to see how they…deal? No way me too!!! Have you ever wanted to do something when you had no idea what you were doing? Yes yes yes yes yes? Wanna be friends!? It’s me, Jillian Gumbel.

“I thrive off of connecting with others."

I’m a wife and mother but most importantly I am a person who has a NEED to explore and push myself even if it makes me uncomfortable. I thrive off of connecting with others. I want to explore things I’m a novice at (interviewing, cooking , working out, organizing …) I want to meet people and show some of myself. I want to draw curiosity from others and have them ask themselves their own questions. If I like it or not (if you like it or not) I’m me and I want you to be you. Even if we aren’t perfect we are real. Real perfect!

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